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What is

Pawn BeGone?

Pawn BeGone is a creative new venture that aims to blend arts & sciences, immersive technologies & therapeutic methods to reinvent the way we educate, heal and learn with chess. 


Our sessions are for everyone! We work with kids, with young entrepreneurs, as well as executives looking to learn better life and business strategies through board gameplay. Pawn BeGone, however, specializes on curating bespoke chess experiences to help people with neurodivergent tendencies and those on the autism spectrum to develop better emotional regulation, enhanced communication skills, and sound decision-making abilities that will allow them to activate their best lives. 


With Pawn BeGone, therapy is not just a process—it's a strategic game of self-discovery and growth. 

We thank you in advance for your support. We are actively connecting with local innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, business-owners, and academic individuals to continue growing our services and substantiate them with applied therapeutic science, academic research, and business acumen so that we can truly innovate chess-based therapy services.

Who is

Pawn BeGone?

Pawn BeGone is a team of extraordinary individuals whose collective talents and passions are focused on helping others achieve optimal well-being and fulfillment.


Our mission is to ignite the creative potential of our clients and provide them with the therapeutic support necessary to achieve a harmonious balance in their lives.


Our vision is a world where everyone feels empowered, inspired, and fulfilled. We see ourselves as a key part of this transformative journey, dedicated to helping individuals live their best lives through the illustrious world of chess.

Our Services


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